Court Accompaniment

We have a team of trained staff and volunteers. If it is needed, we can arrange for someone to accompany a person to court to support them during the process.

Why would I use the Court Accompaniment Service?

Sometimes, confronting a technical legal court system with an unfamiliar language and procedure can be intimidating. This can be made worse by a number of factors. You may fear facing the alleged offender in a court of law. You may also be afraid of retaliation. You may find it difficult to seek support from family and friends to see them through the court process. Perhaps you haven't told them of the incident. Donegal Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre can help you through this process.

How do I avail of the Court Accompaniment Service?

You make an appointment through the Donegal Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre. If you wish to avail of the court accompaniment service you will first meet ith the Donegal Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre Support Service. During this meeting, a support worker will:

Explore your eligibility for the order you are seeking and the possible consequences of any action
Support you to plan your safety
Explain court procedures
Assist you to ensure all relevant documentation required on the day is prepared

What happens during Court Accompaniment?

On the day of your court hearing, the Court Accompaniment Volunteer will:

Provide unbiased, impartial and emotional support
Support you as you face the alleged offender on the day
Clarify legal terminology for you