Training and Education Services

DSARCC offer an educational and awareness programme that caters for the needs of young people aged 15-20 years.

Taking the form of interactive workshops, they are undertaken in a non-judgemental, confidential and respectful manner. Based on extensive research, the workshops are designed to educate, challenge and stimulate participants to explore new ways of thinking around the area of sexual violence.


Together with the DSARCC trained facilitator/education worker the students explore the roots of violence in society and look at the choices they make when faced with conflict in the context of relationship violence. The workshops promote healthy relationships, mutual respect and equality through clear communication and making healthy choices, as well as raising awareness of sexual assault, abuse and rape.

The classes aim to equip the students with prevention tips such as establishing boundaries, dealing with dangerous situations assertively and being safe while socialising. The education programme continues to be extremely popular with local schools and youth groups and the demand is higher than is currently being delivered.

We give talks to schools and other groups on request. Should your school or group require this service please contact us at